Pack Your Bags And Go On A Family Trip With Exciting Expedia Offers

When life is a basket full of Apple, there is no point in laying underneath lemons. What throws off is people fully capable of realising the true potential of life, waste their weekends in front of the television set or on Facebook and Twitter. But is assured; you are not one of them; therefore, brings stupendous opportunity for you to materialise the mesmerising weekend offering up to 50% discount on flight plus hotel booking through Expedia discount code.

Every Singaporean has this major bonus of treating the entire Southeast Asia as their backyard and squeeze in lots of quick trips to nearby countries without compromising the work. There are countless adventures only a plane hop away in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and China. Knowing a long weekend can suffice an excursion, Expedia comes in with an endeavour that inspires you to get sparks from within and to throw the self into the arms of nature. Get 20% discount on Carlton Hotel Singapore.

Imagine waking up on a remote Thai island surrounded by warm turquoise water and palm trees with a breakfast of delicious tropical fruit or dream about looking out the window of your luxury hotel in Singapore, with a whole host of twinkling city lights greeting you as you enjoy a romantic glass of bubbles with your sweetheart. Truly blissful, isn’t it?

Expedia voucher codes sg

From the beautiful beaches of Bali to the mystical temples of Cambodia, there’s plenty to explore. Climb the Great Wall of China, visit the bustling metropolis of Tokyo or Hong Kong, and discover the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur in Singapore or Sprawl on a beach in the spectacular Philippines. Not only you will be getting a luxurious hotel booked with an awesome discount, but also a flight to your exotic destination at a price you can only imagine. All in all, flight plus hotel booking at Expedia helps you save up to 50%. Hurry UP!!

A 50% discount is just a beginning, besides immersing yourself in the serenity of nature’s wonder; you will be indulging in an authentic hospitality with ample opportunity to relax in a tradition-inspired spa and massage parlour. A spectacular and laid-back weekend in gambling atmosphere imposes a complementing timeout.

Selfie at the beach

Get a family selfie on the beach

Go get a selfie on a beach with a captivating scenery and a luxurious environment with the whole family together; truly a memorable weekend break comes straight out of a book of fairy tales. Give your life a chance and your family a bouquet of inescapable memories with the authentic Expedia voucher code available at

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