3 Epic Light Shows in Singapore That Will Captivate Your Mind in Spectacle

The beauty of a place is not always about the resources that nature blessed it with but it could be something artificially curated human effort too. If you don’t think the human can match the beauty of nature, I would probably agree on this and just add human as the most refined creation of nature till date. In fact, the human is creative enough to curate some of the most visually intriguing shows on its own, without the help of nature. There are curated shows designed by humans which are actually breath-taking and keep one’s mind occupied for a long long time with their incredibly creative presentation. For anyone who does not agree to this, there’s one easy way to experience this for which one needs to visit Singapore for its Epic Light Show.

The urban cityscape of Singapore witnesses an unrealistic display of lights and colours which together along with the music form an unforgettable visual treat. As a matter of fact, there is not one or two but three distinct light shows that are organized within Singapore itself. These unique shows are no less than an achievement considering the fact that there are not even 10 such shows in the world of this kind and just imagine 3 of them being conducted in one small country called Singapore. These shows are worth every bit of the expenditure done by people to see them. You can also witness these spectacular shows with the Trip.com Promo Code and avail the best travel deals for Singapore on the travel bookings.

These three shows held in Singapore are ecstatically delightful to watch with their seamlessly exceptional use of light, laser rays, colours and music to pull off a highly attractive and sensational experience.

‘Wonder Full’ & ‘Spectra’ at Marina Bay Sands

Show Timings – Sunday to Thursday – 8 PM and 9 PM, Friday and Saturday – 8 PM, 9 PM and 11 PM

The light and sound show held at Marina Bay Sands is certainly amongst one of the most popular light shows of the world if not the best in the world. The canvas of the show is the entire cityscape in itself and therefore it makes its beauty felt from distances far away from both sides of the water partition. Frankly, one can easily enjoy this show from the window or balcony of the hotel room given that it is faced towards the Marina Bay Sands direction. Although it could be seen from distances yet you should try it from the harbour to enjoy the best experience of the show at least once. The show is organized twice on five days of the week from Sunday to Thursday while there are 3 shows held on Friday and Saturday respectively.

OCBC Garden Rhapsody – Gardens By the Bay

Show Timings – Daily from 7.45 PM and 8.45 PM

Gardens by the Bay in itself is a very unique creation that makes it no lesser than one of the most popular tourist attraction by any mean. When the garden was created, the intent was to create a futuristic park which gives an impressive vision of modern sciences and infrastructure Singapore has tried to develop. But this gleaming park is taken to the next level when the Rhapsody of colours begin to the rhyme of music. The park has a total number of more than 50 speakers installed within its premises to ensure the sound is able to reach every person within the park at that time without getting overpowered by the noises of the urban neighbourhoods. There are few artificial Supertrees built inside this park and they show a truly dominating presence with their huge size and colourful decorations with lighting all over their length. This show is a phenomenal experience which would never get out of your memory once seen. You can book a trip to Singapore with the Agoda Promo Code and avail the Best offers for Online Travel Bookings which will give you a more plush experience of travelling.

Crane Dance at Sentosa Resort

Show Timing – Daily at 8 PM.

This place on the Sentosa Island is also known for a very beautiful sketched light shoe which is organized every single day after the sunset. This light show indeed follows a script that tells the story of two cranes which is apparently why it got this name. The show is simple yet has an impact much deeper. The premise of this show is based on Love between the two cranes and the two perform a unique dance of love in a very courtly manner. It is obviously repetitive but the magic of it has still the same freshness as ever. The whole sky is lightened up by the colourful flashes of laser beams while the dramatic music accompanies it in the flow of things. The show can be viewed at the Sentosa theme park every evening at 8 PM.

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