Stay Safe In The Backcountry Using These Essential Hiking Tips

Want to do hiking but have no experience? Stay connected with us, we will guide you what are the basic essentials for hiking for a beginner. Hiking is a low-impact workout that offers multiple mental and physical benefits to the body. It reduces anxiety to prevent osteoporosis. Thus hiking is an excellent exercise with enormous benefits and fun.

Hiking could be bit tiring exercise and people sometimes do have the fear of being lost from the original location, but there’s is nothing to fear in this, it’s about fear free and fun enjoying exercise. Now let’s check out some of the basic essential which you need to carry with you while hiking.


Before starting your day for a wonderful hiking experience, check the weather and atmospheric air pressure few hours before hiking, this will give you a brief idea of how to dress and what to take with you because if the weather is awful then you need to take an extra care of your luggage.


powerful lights for hiking

It is always suggested to take a bright light torch with you while hiking to see in the dark places. A headlamp will also work in this case as your hands will be free then and make you easy to climb up in those slippery mountains.  Don’t forget to take a face mask with yourself to protect your nose from the pungent sulphur odour. 

SPOT Satellite Messenger

SPOT TRACKER2Spot messenger

SPOT Satellite Messenger is a GPS tracking device that uses the Globalstar satellite network to provide text messaging and GPS tracking. Use this device for your own personal safety and it works as an extra backup tool.


camera for hinking

Although your smartphones are smart enough to take good pictures but sometimes the blue flames from the volcano may destroy your photo. Always use a high quality, light weighted and easy to use a digital camera while travelling. Check out the great range of digital cameras at lazada and buy the best one for yourself using lazada voucher codes and save your money on your purchase.


gloves for hiking

It doesn’t just get cold up there. When you’re scrambling through the crater you may need to hold on to sharp rocks, so you need something to guard your mitts. These gloves are fleece lined and protective, but also allow you to operate your touchscreen mobile – vital when you’re about to take that perfect sunset shot from your smartphone.


skincare products

The sulphurous fume that comes out from the volcano is just so smelly and can damage your moisture barrier making your skin rough and dry. Start using your skincare products ever before you leave your home for hiking so as to strengthen the barrier. Buy the best skin care products from Althea and save your money using Althea voucher codes.


food while hiking

Keep sufficient amount of water and food for yourself because once you start hiking you will not get time to stop and eat something in middle and by the time you reach at the end you can’t wait to satisfy your hunger. Buy some light and can packed grocery item from Redmart which are useful for you at that time.


hiking tips

Try to keep everything as light as possible because ultimately only you have to carry your luggage and it is very difficult to climb with heavy weight. Being lightly weighted makes you feel more comfortable and you can also walk easily and fast.

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