5 Things To Explore in the Little India within Singapore

Singapore is a fusion of different cultures and regions which is what makes it a very vivid and diverse place where people can find numerous cultural influences infused into one place. One such cultural area is the Little India which is indeed a part of Singapore that would sense you like an Indian place within the Singapore City. The region of Little India has a very majority of Indian Population that have transformed their culture into the place to give it the same flavourful, colourful, smell of spices and musical place as one would experience while walking on the street. There are a lot of food eateries in the region that serve Indian Dishes too.

It is surely one of the most budget-friendly areas where one could find all things at relatively inexpensive pricing. The area has a number of artistic temples, spice shops, malls and vegetarian restaurants making it one of the liveliest places of Singapore. If you wish to visit Singapore do visit this area. You can easily get the Cheapest Flights for Singapore using the CheapTickets Voucher with these exclusive discounts on offer.


Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Many people might get confused when it comes to the Hindu Temples especially are there are certain factors which do make them visually the same even though they are not. Temples of Indian traditional styles are very well sculpted and consist of fine work of artistic designing along with the sharp use of colours to make them different feel altogether. But all the temples of Hindu are not the same and most of them are usually devoted to different deities. For the ones who are wondering about the number of dieties, there are infinite deities in Hindu Scriptures as it sees every creation of God as its part and refers almost everything that has been created in front of us as a Deity. Therefore people usually have own local deities in almost every village which they revere to an incarnation.

Abdul Gafoor Mosque

Abdul Gafoor Mosque was built by an Indian Muslim who was one of the most prominent merchants of Singapore in the 19th century. Even though the mosque was established in the year 1859 but the present structure that we can see is not the older one as the mosque was reconstructed in the year 2003 for obvious reasons. The present form and infrastructure of this mosque uniquely mix up different architectural influences that include South Indian, Arabian and Roman style of architectures. Here are KKDay promo code for you to get the Best Tour of Singapore at discount prices

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

The temples of Hindu Culture are known for their impeccable artistry and colourful nature. Sri Veeramakaliamman is no different and it is one of the best architectural building of Singapore beyond any doubt. This temple was supposedly been built by the Hindu Population of the region back in the 19th century although it has been renovated into the current state in the last decade only. It is nevertheless one of the coolest temples you would have ever seen and would certainly make you awe-inspired with its delectable designing and extensively delicate work of art done all over the walls. Being a Hindu temple, this one is also very colourful and bright with a lot of variations thrown around in painting the sculptures. It is mandatory to take off the shoes and cover your body decently before entering the temple premises.

Leong San See Temple

Taoism is a religion that is not as much prominent anywhere else but China and still, it has very deep roots embedded within the Asian region. This temple is of Chinese origin and art form that has been dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy Guanyin according to the traditional beliefs of Taoists. This temple is particularly more popular amongst the childless couples as it is said that the blessing of Goddess has a miraculous impact in many cases. The temple has basically been themed in Red and Yellow colours.

Temple of 1,000 Lights (Sakyamuni Buddha Gaya Temple)

There is a number temple of Buddhism philosophy in the entire South East Asia and this one is one more of a similar kind. But as it is featured in this list, you can expect something special about this Thai Buddhist Sakyamuni Buddha Gaya Temple. This temple is also known with the name of the temple of 1000 Lights too due to the numerous lights that are lit around the statue of Buddha in the temple. These lights sparkle up the whole temple with the flashiness. This monastery was made in the year 1927 by a Thai Monk and this is evident from the fact that the temple has a heavy influence of the traditional Thai Architecture. For finding Singapore Trip at Lowest Prices, you can use the Klook Promo Code to avail special offers on your travel bookings.

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