Expedia Singapore Top Tips for Affordable Travelling

Travelling can be expensive if you are a travel fanatic, and travelling on a budget is nothing short of an art. A lot of advance planning goes before you fly to your favourite destination in order to save money and avoid any kind of inconvenience. Fret not though, Expedia Singapore has your back! It is home to an extensive range of hotels, holiday packages, car rentals, and flights making it your go-to destination if you’re planning to travel on a budget. Having a limited budget planned should not affect the quality of your travel. 

Whether you want to enrich your soul with an adventurous travel plan or want to explore the high mountain peaks with your partner, Expedia has deals and packages for everyone and every travel requirement. All you need to do is to get your hands on these money-saving hacks and use them when necessary. It can be quite consuming and a daunting task to travel on a budget every time you plan a vacation. We have come up with some absolute hacks and a guide to help you go budget-friendly. 

Expedia enables customers to compare the prices of available travel services and select the best one. Without question, it's a popular option for travellers looking to book flights or accommodations.

If you’re running tight on a budget, you can still manage to go on an adventurous trip using our hacks and money-saving ideas. Let’s dive into the additional information that might score you the vacation of your dream. 

Advance planning will not hurt, it may save your last-minute efforts. Saving money begins with early booking and planning. As airfare is pricey towards your travel date, book your flight tickets at least three weeks in advance. Expedia offers flights from various airlines at competitive prices. For Singaporeans, it’s best if you book the tickets on Sunday, as they are 30% cheaper compared to booking on Friday. If you want to save even more, you can book your flight tickets 4 to 6 months in advance. 

  • According to the report, Thursdays are the cheapest day to depart for your vacation. Travellers can experience a 25% reduction in prices on Thursdays and 20% on Fridays. 
  • It is advised to book your hotel stays on Fridays as the prices are slightly cheaper. And the most expensive prices are on Sunday. 
  • It is best to avoid travelling during the holiday and peak seasons as they are the most expensive time of the year to travel. 
  • Expedia conducted a study last year that discovered rental car demand increased on summer Fridays, particularly around July 4th and Labour Day.

Bundle and Save – Whenever you bundle your bookings, you get remarkable money-saving deals on your packages. For instance, you can book your flights, hotels and activities together to travel on a budget. Significantly, a traveller can save up to $600 by taking advantage of this feature on Expedia. Packages are indeed a great way to score savings. Once you book with Expedia, you will instantly open doors to savings of up to 43% on package deals including rental cars and activities. 

Check out last-minute deals – Sometimes we run on a very busy schedule and cannot plan ahead. That's when Expedia’s last-minute deals come in handy. Whether you want to book hotel stays or flights, Expedia’s cheap flight deals can save you from costing a fortune. You can check out Expedia’s vast range of last-minute airfare, bespoke search options, and personalized recommendations to take off on your next journey. 

Travel using Expedia Rewards – Do not miss the chance to earn reward points when you’re travelling with Expedia’s loyalty program. When you sign up for the account, you instantly get 10% off or more on selected hotels.

You can collect flier miles and hotel points for all your bookings. When travellers accumulate enough points, they can pay for an entire flight using these rewards. You can redeem as many points as you want when booking a hotel or an activity with Expedia. Not just that, you can also use the points on any flight + hotel packages. 

Book through Expedia App – There's an added bonus when you book with Expedia App, you get to earn double Expedia reward points whenever you make a booking for hotels, flights, and activities. Additionally, if you sign up for the newsletter you can receive alerts on the latest and special discounts. You may even use our Expedia promo code to secure extraordinary savings.