A Deep Statistical Understanding of Online Shopping Habits on the basis of Gender.

There is a certain difference in the mental approach of every human being. No two persons can share exactly the same views, thoughts and ideas. This is the nature of our mind that makes us different. But when we look at it from a broader perspective, the difference in between the two different gender is completely different from each other. The preferences presented in our comprehensive research and surveys clearly point out that there are a few gender niches which most people tend to exhibit in a natural way.

These statistics can be used for the benefit of any online business by intelligently planning tactics to cater a certain target audience. Every product has its own set of audience and if a business successfully cracks the way to that audience, the business is certainly set to grow big and bigger with time.

Mindset of Women

Women are opening up to the online shopping applications on the mobile and numbers have shown a consistent increase indicating the same. About 35% women choose to use the mobile application for online shopping. Out of this, around 30% didn’t hesitate to use their mobile for payments. Women are naturally budget conscious and know how to manage their expenses which is evident from the fact that 85% women scan vouchers and QR techniques to save a bit of additional money on each purchase. Around 20-28% women would also go on to share their experience while shopping and review the product purchased.

Mindset of Men

Men have comparatively higher dependence on Mobile phone. When it comes to online shopping, almost 45% men prefer to use than the website. This gives us an clear impression about the surging number of mobile application services in last couple of years. When compared to women, men also share a similar kind of attitude towards making payment through the mobile app. Men are also conscious about saving their bucks and 50% of them would relentlessly keep trying coupons and QR code to get lucky. The activity of men is slightly better than that women as more men take the time to review their purchase experience.

Shopping preferences of men and women

The shopping preferences of both genders have massive differences as the categorical interest of their purchase differ from each other. There are certain categories which man don’t like to invest upon while the women do and vice versa. This classifies the gender based differences in the audience and helps a business to target the relevant set of audience that shows more interest in the category the products is meant for.

Men – Men usually show an inclination towards electronic items, computers and gadget devices and the entertainment services such as movie tickets etc…

Women – In case of females, fashion and beauty products have got a rather high prominence amongst other preferences. While health is also a major concern on which women are better focused than men.

These stats give us an overview of the market probabilities and opportunities that can be used by online shopping platforms in order to gain more customers.

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