How To Spend Your Days In Singapore During Chinese New Year!

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Generally, New Year Day on 1 January implies the start of a fresh new year and considered a major celebration across the world but for any Chinese people, New Year doesn’t start until the New Year day arrives. The Chinese New Year is that time of the ethnic celebration when the Singaporeans find it great opportunity to see a more traditional side of Singapore when they can havoc on their travel itinerary plans. Here’s we have pointed out how you can celebrate the Chinese New Year with your family if you are a traveler intending to spend the celebration in Singapore.

Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year, is that time of the year when people celebrate the best time with their family and friends based on the lunar calendar. Hence, the Chinese New Year dates fluctuate every year and fall between mid January to mid-February. This year too, it is falling on 5 February, so by this time, you must get ready for the celebration time!!

The first and second day of Chinese New Year is declared as a public holiday and this is the only time when you can enjoy a holiday in Singapore with 2 consecutive days. This time is also one of the favorite time for Singaporeans to celebrate ethnically Chinese New Year and travel around Singapore’s popular places, expect a gala time with their families.

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Reconciliation dinner time! A New Year celebration is incomplete if you didn’t have lavish dinner. This is that time of the year when most Chinese families in Singapore will gather with their loved ones to enjoy extravagant dinner. Many families also keep it a small affair by just trying home-cook food together. While some may prefer to go to a Chinese restaurant where they can indulge in a full-blown many-course meal with their elongated families.

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The celebration time! For the next day, on the big eve, Singaporeans can actually spend quality time with family and friends for the Happy Chinese New Year Eve! The families and friends of Singaporeans enjoy the first two days if the eve by visiting each other’s home as a custom tradition where they welcome the new year eve and wish each other good fortune for the coming year. The younger folks and generation mostly show respect to their older relatives and depends on the traditions of the family.

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DAY 3 第三 DAY 15 第十五 CHINESE NEW YEAR 除夕 promo code

Back to business! As we know that Chinese New Year eve is celebrated for long days, for 15 days at least. It’s that time when everyone including Singaporeans enjoys the eve for three days and back to work after it. The very legendary one will return to work on appropriate ‘promising’ days on the basis of their Chinese zodiac so they may take a larger leave break days time. There are few companies and industries that offer a long break during this period.

So, plan your itinerary now and start your celebration time. There is endless opportunity for anyone who wants to have fun and seek the Chinese culture and CNY traditions. Book your flight and accommodations from online using promo code to book an assured trip!

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