An Adventure Travel Guide To Singapore To Make Your Trip A Happy One!

Is a trip to Singapore is on your bucket list? Are you thinking of vacationing in Singapore this holiday season? But wondering what it has in store other than the retail joyrides? Well, this blog post will help you out. Challenge yourself trying out some adventurous and extreme sports activities for an exciting trip that you will never forget.

Singapore is a city-state, a small island country in south-east Asia. Combining subways and skyscrapers of the modern age, wealthy and affluent city with a mixture of Malay, Indian and Chinese influences, tropical climate, with great shopping option, a vibrant night-life, and mouth-watering cuisine, Singapore is a Garden City that makes a great travel destination.

The enchanting garden city is not only known for romance and love but is an ideal place for adventure lovers as you will get to do a lot of adventurous activities namely skydiving, formula one adventure, reverse bungee, surfing, ice skating, snow skiing and so on. In short, there are so many thrilling, adrenaline pumping and fun adventure activities to do that will surely make your trip a happy one. Also, enjoy added savings and discount by using a Ctrip promo code.

Take a look at some outdoor or adventure activities that you can’t afford to miss while holidaying in Singapore-

Reverse Bungee!


Bungee jumping is one of the most thrilling activity, you cannot afford to miss. Your trip to Singapore is incomplete without the reverse bungee at Clark Quay. Swirl around and experience the gravitational force of speed of about 200 km/h similar to a rocket launch. Think about reaching a height of about 60 meters at this speed, while you are strapped into a capsule which is catapult into the air at just a press of a button.

Indoor Surfing!


Love surfing? But fear those huge high tides of the ocean? Then Singapore has a got the best alternative, i.e., indoor surfing. Visit WaveHouse Sentosa, a very famous tourist place where you can enjoy indoor surfing. An indoor surfing activity that worth enjoying. Initially, you can start with the Double FlowRider with two waves. This water sports activity is safe and thrilling. Riders can crave up-down over the endless sheet of flowing water. The speed of the water is 20mph.

Go Deep With Scuba Diving!


Among the many adventure activities, Scuba Diving is yet another must-do water sports in Singapore. Blessed with diverse marine life, scuba diving in this enchanting garden city is a must. Although there are quite a number of places to visit for scuba diving, Adventure river is probably the most recommended and most preferred one. At Adventure River, you will get to pass through over 14 themed zones and snorkel over colorful coral reefs with about 20,000 friendly fishes.

Go F1 Track Driving!


Test your mettle and unleashing the power of driving Lamborgini or a Ferrari on the Formula One circuit. If you love fast driving, then F1 track driving something you can’t afford to miss. Cruise along to the place to revive up an engine and enjoy a thrilling, 15 minutes hair-raising laps. It is one of the most exciting and fun outdoor activities that will immerse you into a whole new world of racing.

So, these are a few must-do adventure activities, you shouldn’t miss trying while you are in Singapore. To make the most of your adventure, make sure you choose the best adventure tour package at a reasonable rate by availing Expedia promo code.

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