Amazing Island Escapes To Plan Around Singapore!


Are you exceedingly stressed and tired by completing a huge number of tasks listed on your to-do checklist every day? Well, this might be some clue for you that it’s time for a weekend break or getaway to some of the most gorgeous and peaceful travel destination around you. If you live in Singapore, then surely you will spend your every weekend nicely, as the wonderful city-state is blessed with plenty of tranquil, picturesque islands nearby.

When talking about Singapore and places around it, you must be aware that, it is slap bang in the center of some of the beautiful beach paradises and picture-perfect islands in the world. Being an urbanite, we often think of escaping from our daily work life and unwind, relax on a clam exotic island. There are numerous private and exotic islands dotting the coasts of the regional neighbors of Singapore. You can choose to vacay any of them for your weekend break. You can save a huge amount on traveling if you choose to avail Klook voucher, a voucher that will help you save huge amounts on every holiday tour or package’s purchase.

Listed below are some of most amazing handpicked weekend getaway destinations to visit to take a relaxing break from the hustle-bustle of the city!

1 # Gili, Indonesia!


Made up of 3 tiny islands namely Meno, Air, and Trawangan, the Gili islands invites you to unleash the unsurpassed serene beauty of nature. Bung on your favorite sarong, leave your trendy beachside frocks and ht to this wonderful Indonesian island to spend a wonderful weekend in a traditional Indonesian style of living. Head to the quiet beach – Meno for a peaceful walk along the coastline, explore coral reefs at the Gili Air availing affordable dive packages, and party in Trawangan whilst enjoying tasty seafood barbeques. In short, you’re gonna an amazing getaway over here.

2 # Bintan, Indonesia!


Located at merely about 55 minutes away from Singapore, Bintan is the second closest island to the city-state. One of the best and most beautiful island to hit in weekends, known for its exceptionally beautiful lineup of white-sandy beaches and a range of fun-filled water-sport activities. For some more adventure and wonderful memories to add to your travel diaries, don’t forget to book various eco-tours like the Bintan Mangrove Discovery Night Tour, with which you’ll get to watch enchanting sights of Fireflies in the night. Besides this, the island also holds many other treasures such as hidden waterfalls, sea gypsy villages, and mountains.

3 # Sentosa Island!


Nestles close to the mainland, Sentosa Island is the closest among all. Considered as the major attraction of Singapore, if haven’t been to this wonderful island yet, then you must at least once in a lifetime, because if it is the most visited island escape destination around Singapore. While you are on Sentosa island, don’t forget to visit Universal Studios, one of the best and renowned attractions of the region. Head to Siloso and Tanjong beaches to make your escapes a wonderful one with beach-side fun, water-sports activities and fun & entertaining beach parties organized every weekend.

4 # Ko Tao, Thailand!


If you wish to explore the untouched beauty of nature and relax while enjoying modern luxuries, then Ko Tao in Thailand is the best to place to visit. From hiking, scuba diving to snorkeling, these fun water-sports activities are relatively less expensive and cheap. It is a popular backpacker destination, blessed with a beautiful coastline of Sairee Beach and exciting nightlife. Party animals seeking to spend their weekends partying all night with some great music and signature drinks then, Ko Tao is simply perfect for them.

So, these are awesome island escape destinations you can choose for your weekend getaways around Singapore. You can book your tour packages at unthinkable prices using Ctrip promo code, it will allow you enjoy great offers.

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