Traveling To Singapore? Must Try These Popular Singaporean Dishes!

First We Eat! Then We Do everything Else!

As soon as you land-up to the new place, it is the human tendency that we all think about what to eat and where to eat. When you travel you not only explore new-new places but you also explore food.

Traveling while exploring food is one of the best things a person can do. There are many travel destinations in the world that are known for their tasteful cuisines. Amongst many travel destination, Singapore is a place which is greatly known for its lively culture and cuisine, an ideal culinary destination.

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So, let’s take a look at what are the popular Singaporean dishes you must try-

How About Starters? To Start The Journey Of Tasting Lip-Smacking Food On A Pleasant Note!

Stuffed Onion With Meats!

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One of most popular starter that you shouldn’t be missing to try while you travel Singapore is meat-stuffed onions. In this dish, nicely cooked meat in rich-flavorful spices are stuffed into the cored onion and is served with steamed vegetables and mashed garlic potatoes.

Mee Goreng!

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Yet another Singaporean starter, you must not forget to try is Mee Goreng. It is basically a dish of classic noodles stir-fried with lots of fresh veggies and minced mutton on high flame. Often served with tomato sauce and fresh-sliced cucumber, this famous starter is simply mouth-watering.

Now, Let’s Jump To Whats Popular In The Main Course?

Hainanese Chicken Rice!

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While you visit Singapore, make sure not to miss eating Hainanese Chicken Rice and has been a regular dish for Singaporean for dinner or lunch. A nicely steamed, flavourful chicken served with steaming rice cooked with chicken stock, this Hainanese Chicken Rice is an all-time favorite food for the locals for quick, filling lunch. The dish can be commonly found in coffee shops, restaurants, and hawker centers.

Chilli Crab!

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Yet another widely popular dish that you must try while you visit Singapore is Chili Crab, hard-shelled carbs nicely prepared with a semi-thick, tomato and chili base gravy. Steamed hard-shell carbs are first cracked partially and then stir-fried lightly in a thick paste made of chili sauce, eggs, and ketchup. Often served with “man-tou” i.e. fried buns, this delightful dish is usually offered in seafood-specialty restaurants.

And Lastly, Finish Off Your Singaporean Food Journey With Some Sweetness!

Tissue Prata!

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Tissue Prata is the sweeter version of the Indian dish, “Roti-Prata” which is basically a paper-thin dessert served in almost every hawker center, restaurant, and cafe. Prepared with utmost skilled, the dish is usually prepared by the professional chefs who are able to make Prata (flatbread) crispy, not too oily and that too without tearing it. Further, to make it more interesting lot of chocolate sauce is drizzled over the snack.


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An icy sweet dessert of Singapore, Cendol is yet another widely famous dessert made of rice flour jelly noodles of bright-green color served with palm sugar and shaved ice. The basic ingredient of this dessert is coconut milk. Other than that, the dish also contains glutinous rice, kidney beans, and creamed corn, all covered in coconut milk.

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