Useful Tips And Tricks To Apply Highlighter Perfectly!


Just like picking up the right attire for special occasions, it is important to apply right makeup in the right way. Makeup has the ability to transform your look completely. And, to get your makeup right, you need to follow every step correctly. Among the many steps, there is one trick application which you must do it the right way and that is, applying a highlighter. If you wish to get perfect glow on your face defining all your facial features perfectly, then highlighter is the best way to define your face, brighten up your eyes and create symmetry.

The highlighter is one of the hottest makeup trends today, it is the most effective way to add all-over radiant glow. It is a light-reflecting makeup product with which you can easily to infuse life and instant glow to your face and make you look more awake. There are many types of highlighters from different-different brand available in the market, but buying the best one at affordable prices using Fave voucher is important. You can buy all the top-brand makeup products at the best prices from Fave, a reliable online shopping portal for all your beauty needs.

Now, to master the application of highlighter, you need to everything about the same. Here are the places on your face you can apply highlighter makeup-

  • Over the Bridge or tip of your nose
  • Above the cupid’s bow
  • Above and beneath the arch of your eyebrow
  • The center of your forehead
  • Your cheekbones
  • And lastly, the center of your chin

Steps To Apply Highlighter Perfectly-

Step 1 # Apply Blush To Make The Highlighter Pop even More-


To start with your highlighter makeup, you must apply your blush of shade that looks natural and subtle on you. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks and blend it well using a blush brush. By doing so, you are not only adding a subtle shade on your cheekbones but also make it pop-out even better.

Step 2 # Map Out Your Face Strategically-


Regardless what’s your face shape is, always map out the areas you wish to highlight. Your cheekbones, the center of your nose, your cupid’s bow, your chin, and your forehead, these are the areas where the light will hit your face naturally and so these areas when highlighted perfectly add an extra charm and glow to your face. Depending on your preference, you can map out your face accordingly.

Step 3 # Highlight Your Preferred Areas-


Always use a fan brush to apply highlighter on your face. Lay your brush flat on the highlighter palette and apply directly on your cheekbones right at the place where you think the light would hit your face. For a smooth finish, always make sure to blend out the edges. Now run the fan brush underneath your brow so as to make the lines look connected. Next, apply the highlighter on the tip of the nose and on your cupid’s bow. Lastly, slightly run the brush on the center of your forehead and chin.

Step 4 # Set Your Makeup With A Spray-


Now, to set your makeup, spray on your face especially the highlighted areas twice or thrice. Take a beauty blender, damp a little bit and dab on your face to let your makeup set on your skin, this will remove any kind of powderiness on your skin.

So, this is how you can apply highlighter makeup perfectly. And, your final look will be simply flawless and radiating.

Useful Highlighter Makeup Tricks And Tips For Beginners!


  • Always choose a highlighter product that suits your skin tone. For combination to oily skin, a powder highlighter is best, whereas for dry skin cream or liquid highlighter is most suitable
  • Picking up the right shade is also important, if you have fair-medium skin tone then highlighter with pink undertones suist well, while for darker skin tone, golden hues look absolutely flattering.
  • Using the right brush is important; use synthetic brushes for liquid and cream foundations and fantail or stick brushes for powdery highlighters so as to get subtly and gorgeous ethereal finish.

So, this is it with the useful highlighter makeup information, hope this information will help you get a perfect application every time. You can buy branded highlighters and other beauty products at reasonable rates by using Fave promo code.

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