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Are you planning to take a nice holiday from Singapore? If budget is your concern and you have always dropped up to an interesting place option because it is costing you heavy then now your problem ends. For all those looking for a budget travel trip, they can plan a nice trip to Darwin. Being the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, you have several options to explore and make it a memorable time.

Darwin has plenty to offer travellers, from going in at nature’s beauty to looking at the most famous national parks and great Darwin’s backyard. You will have definitely several reasons to make Darwin as your number one choice to travel. The famous national parks of Kakadu and Litchfield are one of the favourable choices that can be visited only in a few hours’ drives, and the unique Tiwi Islands are a boat-ride away.

To make the most of your trip make sure you have booked in your travel stay and flight tickets in advance from Here you will get the best travel deals and you will end up saving a huge amount of money. Choose voucher that allows you to save more on your trip and make your travel itinerary budget-friendly.

Things to Do in Darwin

Being Darwin one of the hot destination in Australia, you can do several things here and see wonderful natural escapes. From studying the bushwalks and suburban markets to getting swamped with saltwater crocodiles, you will have some of the great lists of options to do in this modern, tropical city.

Famous Darwin Sunsets voucher

Taking a trip on the calm waters will let you enjoy the easy breezy tropics which you can view by just sitting back and enjoy the fiery sunsets. You can sail in the sanctuary on a traditional dewdrop lugger, catamaran or Seacat while holding a Champagne in hand.

To witness one of the amazing sunsets in Darwin, you can pay your visit to Ski Club, Sailing Club, Trailer Boat Club or Mindel Beach. Here you can enjoy best of the time and view the cold brew and iconic sunsets of a lifetime.

Eyeball a Giant Croc voucher

Plan a 70km drive from the city centre in Adelaide River. Here you can experience the perfect habitat for Salties (saltwater crocodiles). Be a little prepared when you see the amazing 4.5m giants bouncing from the water on right next to your boat is a sight to be remembered forever. So, take a nice boat ride and see the crocodile swimming in the ‘Cage of Death’ at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin’s CBD.

If you are a little faint-hearted, then meet Sweetheart which is 5 metres long and carefully packed at the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT.

Barra Fishing on the Mary River voucher

If fishing is your thing and you enjoy picking up unique different fishes then you can plan out fishing Barra on the Mary River. Barramundi is a unique fish that is a one-metre-long slab of silver and one of the top list of every fisho’s dreams. When you are in Darwin, you can make your dream come true by hunting the Barra fish on tours, in your own chartered boat and even beyond the shoreline or jetty.

Barramundi fishing is full of thrill and action. You can even hang out at different places at different times of the year, and enjoy a more liable time in the warmer summer months.

Indigenous Art voucher

If you are a true admirer of art and love to see and buy some heavy designed stuff then you must try visiting at the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, beautiful indigenous art at the galleries in Parap, Didgeridoo Hut, showcasing and selling original, authentic Indigenous artwork. Here you will get a chance to view tha beautiful work of sculpture, weaving, prints, paintings and view the most amazing piece of design.

These authentic indigenous design will spark all the art lover’s eyes and will make your Darwin trip more comfortable.

The Waterfront voucher

If you want to explore something new and fresh then Darwin’s newest hang-out is the Waterfront limit, in the heart of the city. You will get a chance to witness the wave pool and floating lagoon and nearby enclosed by chilled-out cafes, bars, workshops and eateries.

Take a stroll, drink along and discover some great things to eat while chilling and relaxing to buzzing Mitchell St.

Hopefully, all the above places will let you have a great time in darwin and you could create some wonderful memories there!

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