5 Absolutely Delicious Singapore Food Cuisines That Will Melt Your Mouth

One thing that is unique about Singapore is its food. You would be astonished to know that Singapore has evolved a completely diversified range of food cuisines that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. The basic reason behind this diversity is the influence that the surrounding regions had on the flavours of the original versions. If a person who has gone to Singapore and still missed out on eating the local favourites, then he doesn’t love food. One visit to the conceptual food courts or hawker centres of Singapore will be a unique experience that would be pleasant and satisfying in equal measures.

cuisines of Singapore are essentially a mixture of the various kind of its people and the impact it has had on their taste habits. Their dishes are a blend of Chineses, Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Malay and the western world all combined into the different form of cuisines altogether. Now if you don’t think that is going to be different, then you probably don’t know what different means. The cuisines of Singapore are as much diversified as their ethnicity. For ordering the best of Singapore cuisines, use these amazing Fave Promo Code and avail exclusive discounts.

5 Delicious Singapore Cuisines

Hainanese Chicken Rice

This dish has a Chinese influence which is evident from its name ‘Hainanese’ Chicken Rice. This one of the all-time favourites amongst the locals who prefer this dish for a quick, satisfying and healthy lunch. The dish has steamed chicken that is served along with rice. The rice is also cooked in chicken stock and it is, therefore, the quality determining factor in the preparation of this dish. The dish has a tempting flavour and distinct aroma which is a telling feature of this dish.

Chilli Crab

In this dish, the crabs are cooked in a vicious gravy made up of tomato and chilli as its base. The crabs are steamed and cracked after which they are lightly fried in a paste which is prepared by a combination of eggs, chilli sauce, and ketchup. Even though the name might suggest that the dish is really a spicy one but it is isn’t as such in reality. Bread is also used along with this dish to consume the gravy.


This is a very original street cuisine of Singapore in which rice cakes are served along with skewed grilled meat, peanut sauce and cucumber-chilli sauce. This dish is widely popular in parties and functions or as a starter before the main course is served. The dish has a very strong flavourful taste of turmeric as it is used in marinating the ingredients. The dish is offered with a choice of meat ie chicken, mutton, beef or pork.

Katong Laksa

This is a dish which has a mixed lineage of Chinese and Malay dishes. The dish has rice noodles which are specially prepared with spicy coconut soup along with fish cakes, shrimp and chicken. The Laksa has many variants which are basically due to the changing influences of the two styles involved in the preparation of this dish. Katong Laksa is most popular of all in which cockles and tofu puffs are also added.

Barbequed Stingray

Earlier, this used to be a street fast food but it has now become a really popular dish that is available at all leading food hawkers across Singapore. As the name makes it clear, this dish uses stingray meat as its main ingredient. The meat is rolled up in sambal sauce. Sambal sauce is a spicy mix of tomatoes that are sharply diced, chillies and shrimp paste. After the meat is slated with sauce, it is wrapped inside a banana leaf and then grilled.

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