4 Singapore City Tours You Can Book on this 12.12 Sale

Singapore tour

It is very hard to see a place and all its destinations on one trip alone. The places that are amongst the popular hubs of tourism usually have too many different sites of attraction that it becomes literally impossible to pay a visit to all of them within a planned time schedule. More often than not, people are frustrated about losing much of their time on unnecessary and non-productive activities due to lack of knowledge about the important landmarks.

Singapore is one of such country even though it has a limited area and does not cover much land as a whole, still, it is next to impossible task to visit all its tourist destination within 3-4 day trip. This is why it is often stressed upon the importance of pre-planning and well-defined travel schedule if to visit maximum places in the minimum time span. For those who are unable to plan, there is a very convenient solution. They can simply hop on the day tours organized for tourists which take through several iconic landmarks within the span of a day. If you want to take a trip to Singapore, it would be the best opportunity to book during the 12.12 sales event. You can also use the Ctrip Promo Code to avail additional benefits exclusively for online bookings. Here are 4 city tours that can make your Singapore visit even more special.

City Tour Hop On/Hop Off Bus

The city tours are often conducted by buses and it is organized in a very particular schedule keeping a watch on time allowing just a little time to stay at a site and then move ahead. But the concept of Hop on/ Hop off tour buses gives the traveller a genuine freedom to explore the city om their terms. All you would need to do is purchase a two-day pass for the bus which will allow you to visit places on any location as per your wish. It gives you two days to hop on and hop off the bus to reach for the next two days and you can easily customize your tour plan in a relaxed but comfortable way.

Captain Explorer Tour

Singapore is surrounded by water from all sides which limits it to a relatively smaller size. But if you were thinking that the beauty of Singapore is better seen from the roads, you might need to reconsider your thoughts. The unique and glittery land looks even better from the water. The Captain Explorer tour is therefore designed in such a way that takes you through the road and waterways in one single trip. This idea alone makes it one of the most competent tourism models of recent times. This tour is organized to present the view of Singapore through the river with a vehicle capable enough to walk past the roads and steer across the water with ease. The tour vehicle has a guide too who gives you the historical or cultural context of those locations.

Best of Singapore Cycling Tour

For those who don’t shy away from physical activities and love pushing themselves towards the tougher way of life, cycling tour could be one of the best options to explore the enigma of Singapore on their own. Cycling tours are organized by few top travel agencies too which provide a guide companion throughout the tour who does the task of helping you to stay on the right paths. As obvious as the guided tour also ensures no wastage of time during the trip while covering as many famous sites as possible during the day. It is fairly simple and unique way of exploring any place as you have the freedom to keep going or taking a break all at your own will. This is an eco-friendly way of taking a tour and what could be better than a cycling tour while in the greenest metropolitan city of the world.

Classic Trolley City Tour

If you are a history or culture buff, then you can’t go wrong with the Classic Trolley City Tour as takes you through the heart of Singapore. The trolley tour is articulated for those who want to understand the beliefs, traditions, myths, heritage, social structure, family structure and the historical past of the land. The places such as Kampong Glam and Little India are two of the most vibrant cultural sites of Singapore which are a part of this trip along with many others. In fact, I would recommend even those who are not that interested in history or culture to go for this tour and most probably, your interest will be generated by the end of the day. There are a lot of heritage monuments and building which had been created in the 19th century under British rule. These sites offer a brilliant insight to the colonial-era of Singapore.

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