4 Lunar Best Beauty Regimen To Bring You Good Fortune!

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Just like any New Year celebration in the world, Lunar New Year is the reason why many Asian celebrate the best time and seek it as a lucky time of the year. Along with celebration, one can shop some interesting new Lunar New Year beauty products that bring old-charm to their pretensions.

However, the Chinese New Year eve has a list of traditions and cultures that one has never heard of. Among the tradition list, the most fascinating tradition is the rituals associated with beauty regimen and how it affects many beauty routines.

In Southern China, there is a popular belief that Pomelo leaves can make you get clean from inside-out. In order to cast away the evil spirit and to bring good health, you must boil the pomelo leaves and clean your body with the water and further add it to your bathing tub.

It’s your time to start your shopping for new clothes and take care of your beauty regimen to welcome the new year! Don’t neglect to check out these new beauty products from Zalora and Vaniday which will help you in bringing out the best version of yourself and receive red packets!

The body shop youth bouncy eye mask

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The Chines New Year Tradition of shou sui (守岁) lets you stay awake late and can make your eye baggy and this could increase dark circles. Remove the sign of fatigue by using the springy multi-use eye cream and apply it on your face to remove the signs of fatigue with this springy multi-use eye cream. The cream drop of youth will infuse with three powerful stem cells which are known for its regenerating properties to maintain your skin youthfully and stunning. You can buy it online using special Zalora promo code and get a great discount on your purchase.

Makeup for ever HD complexion kit

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If you want your look to look the best then you must buy useful and good quality makeup products so that you could complement your New Year clothing. Shop the perfect foundation to go with that new dress, check out the complimentary makeup kit service and book your appointment online by using Vaniday promo code and avail discount on your shopping. The service will let you match the makeup with your face tone, get desired coverage level and achieve from their cult-classic foundations. Also, you can shop it and bring home a customized complexion kit sample if you are in doubt of its quality.

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