3 Unique Things About Singapore Which Every Visitor Should Know

Singapore does not have a large area under its belt but it still evolved into a place that is known for very unique aspects of it. The country is an archipelago and consists of many small islands out of which few are too small that they can’t be inhabited by human. The major chunk of its population is centered around Singapore city and that makes it a very densely populated area. But the beauty of it is still intact and it just keeps getting better.

The physical appearance of Singapore keeps changing with time and there are a lot of structural renovations and reformations taking place. But one thing that you can’t deny is the unique identity of the society that has seamlessly transformed itself. If you are planning a travel trip, you must know these aspects. You can also save a lot of money on your travel bookings by using the Agoda Voucher Code.

Green City

What comes to your mind when you think about a well developed city? Most of us will probably think of a place full of high and handsome skyscrapers, very well organized city planning, all the modern amenities and use of advanced technologies. But when it comes to Singapore, you have to add one more thing i.e. green surroundings. The urban concrete jungle is not always ignorant about greenery and Singapore is the best example for this. The city lies on the equatorial region and equatorial regions tend to be hat and humid, but a very good amount of green plants and trees in the cities help Singapore maintain a slightly cooler atmosphere than an usual equatorial place. Not just that, the city’s greenery also helps to keep pollution levels in check. It is amazing how Singapore has managed to keep its nature in its original form even after going through a catastrophic development and urbanization.

Discipline City

There is a stark contrast between Singapore and other cities in rules and regulations practices. There are many cities in the world which have a clear instruction of no smoking and drinking in public places but most of those places do not take this rule with righteous seriousness. Singapore is an exception to that. The governing authority loves to impose fines and penalties on even slightest of misconduct. There are a few places specifically made for the same reason. You must try to find those spots for smoking. You can’t even chew a chewing gum anywhere. This makes Singapore a very disciplined place.

Clean City

Being a smaller area with a very dense population density, Singapore still manages to be one of the most clean cities.of the world. The cleanliness is an essential etiquette taught to every person from a very small age. You will find green coloured dustbins on every few meters and it is mandatory to use dustbins for dumping the generic waste. If you litter around in open, you are asking for trouble. There is a specific fine imposed for littering around on the roads and streets. The waste disposal program of the city ensures that the wastes are disposed out of the city. There is an interesting penalty for littering on the street and roads which makes the responsible person do community service such as cleaning the streets.

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