3 Unique Experiences That You Can Only Get in Singapore

Singapore is situated on the southern edge of the Malaysian Peninsular region and it is an island with a relatively small area. In spite of being a really small state, there are specific things that have made it a very renowned name in the world. There are several incredible aspects of Singapore that outshine even the most developed countries of the world such as it’s highest per capita income, prosperity and business environment, cleanliness and hygiene, the green and sustainable urban growth, the eco-friendly and lush green environment amidst sky-high buildings. It gives an impression as if the place is the closest to how a perfect city should look like.

Even the most developed cities of the world can not compete with it on many parameters. WIthing the confined area that it has, one might not even believe that a place this small could achieve such an enormous economic giant. There are certain elements of being a prosperous state. The place is very expensive, in fact, it is the most expensive place that you can find in the world. There is a luxury to everything and every traveller who visits the city would surely love it. There are many marvellous experiences that you can take from Singapore which you won’t get elsewhere in the world. You can book your next trip to Singapore using the CheapTickets.sg Voucher and avail amazing deals on your travel plans.

Let us take a look at the 3 outstanding experiences that you can only get in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

This is a lavish man-made garden spanning across an area of over 250 acres near Marina Bay Sands at the heart of Singapore. This is one of its kind Gardens that has been mechanically crafted to create a visually stunning masterpiece like no other. This place is a tourism HubSpot without which no travel package in Singapore would be considered complete. The garden has been developed in three distinct territories each of which has its own segregate distinctions. The southern area of the park is comparatively larger than the rest of the two combined. These waterfront gardens have sculpted in an artistic way with a very well designed and articulated layout. The park has a number of informative things for the visitors. There is some stunning light work that lits up the park in the evening turning it into a feast of colours and lights with an amazing light and dance show. The giant cloud domes and the forest domes are two truly exceptional places that showcase a wide variety of flora and fauna ranging from those of rainforests to the ones that are found in the arid and barren desert landscapes.

Singapore Night Safari

This is probably the first of its kind concept that provided a surreal way of exploring the nocturnal animals during the nights which was a practical solution as such animals are usually inactive during the daytime and most of the people never get to see them in their active state. This night safari was started next to the Singapore Zoo in a park covering 86 acres of land. There are over 130 species of animal worldling in the park and their combined population accounts to over 2500 in all. The park is not just organizing the safari but also working for the conservation of wildlife at the same time as 50 species out of the 130 living in the park are categorized as endangered. Being a very intuitive way of experiencing the nocturnal wildlife in its natural activity time, this safari has been an immensely successful venture that attracts tourists in big numbers. Although there are only a restricted number of visitors allowed at a time, therefore is highly recommended that you book your tickets in advance. Don’t forget to use the CheapTickets.sg promo code to avail exclusive discounts on your travel bookings.

Universal Studios

This theme park is one of the most popular ones not only in this part of the world but also known in all seven continents as an outrageous fun destination. The theme of the park is inspired by Hollywood movies. It uses this setting pretty well by providing some thrilling and exciting times that you cherished in this amusement park. The park is located on Sentosa Island. It would be a crime to visit Singapore on a family vacation and not visiting this amusement hub. The park has many enticing and captivating theme zones to keep your mind hooked. The themes include the Sci-Fi City, the Lost World, the Hollywood, Space far far away and Madagascar. There are over 20 different rides on offer that promise you crazy thrills and joy all along.

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