3 Things About Food Culture in Singapore That Would Amuse You!

Singapore became an epitome of social wellness by raising the bars of hygiene to unprecedented heights​. The region is known for its elegant and well planned development policies, eco-friendly development module, path breaking and innovative infrastructures and completely self dependent population with no poverty and illiteracy.

Singapore is a unique place and there are many reasons that make it special to that extent. This was probably the first metropolitan to acknowledge the limits of land for human to preserve the green surroundings. It was a brave move considering the fact that Singapore just has a small ground region. The administration took strict measures for preserving the land that rightfully belonged to plants and animals. Singapore has many amazing facet. The food culture of Singapore is one of the most amusing ones for sure. Singapore has many distinct flavours to its dishes and there is certainly a major factor working for it i.e. its diversity. While you visit Singapore, you must try the local renditions of different food  by ordering them online using Fave Promo Code.

Singapore is baggage of multi-ethnic people and multiple cuisines. The region has a huge mixture that includes Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indian, Western, Indonesian and of course Singaporean styles all available over here. But apart from this amazing mixture of different regional influences, Singapore also has some very rarely witnessed aspects of food culture. Here are 3 such aspects that would amuse you for sure.

All-in-One Hawkers

Singapore has something very strange about its food shops. The entire concept of restaurant has been flipped upside down to create an all new idea of food hawkers. You can’t book a separate table over here. The tables are placed in adjacent queue without leaving any gap. Astonishingly, you have to order nothing less than a complete meal, for which you do get to choose from many options categorized in each course of meal along with the seasonings. Most of the course have more or less the same prices and they are all really cheap. Many local people prefer to eat at Hawkers rather than cooking it at home, especially the single professionals. One more thing which would really freak many people is that you are not allowed to leave the served food on table/plate. It will be packed and held over to you and don’t even try to throw it in garbage.

Some Singaporean Cuisines Are Not Available in Singapore

Do you find this weird? I do find it the strange but that is a truth. There’s a backstory to it. Most of the Singaporean cuisines are available in Singapore but there are a few which are no more available over here and are only found in some of the western countries where Singaporean cooks went to start their business of Singaporean cuisines. Back in Singapore, there were some drastic demographic and ethnic mixtures happening around and food could not escape this impact. Soon, many of the original Singaporean cuisines evolved after successfully experimenting a mix of vivid forms to prepare a new mixed forms and few of those soon became more popular than the aboriginal cuisines. Eg. Singapore Sling is a popular cocktail worldwide but not available in the bars of Singapore. Chao Kway Tiao is now a cuisine only available in few restaurants of Canada and US. It has changed itself into Kway Tiao which has a heavy chinese influence to its predecessor.

“Have You Eaten Yet?”

When we meet a person for the first time, How are we expected to greet each other? Of course we would start by a greeting gesture such as Hello, Good Morning /Afternoon with a handshake or sort of something familiar. But the way Singaporean people greet each other for the first time is by asking “Have you Eaten?” This is actually true. Their conversation starts with any random by asking him if he have had his food and if the answer is not affirmative, then you would be offered to eat something first and only then the conversation starts. This is seriously the most kind way of greeting an unknown person. It clearly shows how much importance food or meal has for people over here.

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