3 Incredible Facts That Prove Qatar Airlines is the Best in the Business

Everyone has a favourite brand and it doesn’t necessarily be a choice made out of logical assertions. It is often about the individual choices, preferences and other influencing factors that make a brand favourite in a person’s mind. But if we look at the various logical and factual statistics, we can not deny the incredible aura that Qatar Airways has carved in the field of flight and carrier planes. It is one of the most dominant airline company which has been awarded the World Airlines Award 5 times till date, more than any other name in the business.

Qatar has been voted as the number one airline company in many other categories including the best in-flight luxury services, the best airline carriers in Asia and the best business class lounge by beating all other big brands in the competition and by some distance. The Qatar Airways is a company is owned by the state of Qatar and it seems that Qatar is reaping benefits from the various resources available for its better. So if you are going to take a flight anytime soon, do consider to book the best in the business and experience the luxury on the flight. To make your flight booking affordable, use the Qatar Airways Voucher and avail exclusive discounts on your travel bookings.

Here are 3 Incredible Facts that prove Qatar is a pioneer in the Airlines Industry.

First Flight of Airbus A350-900

The massive carrier plane Airbus A350-900 was flown for the first passenger flight by the Qatar Airway. The flight from Doha to Frankfurt was an achievement that tells a lot about the dominance of Qatar in the world of Airlines. The production of this giant aeroplane in itself was a sensational achievement as it had been created by the dedicated efforts of a team of several thousand people and that too after several months of development and research. This carrier aircraft was once assumed to be an idea that would remain a dream but the efforts of thousands of experts conceptualized the idea in form of Airbus A350-900 which is inarguably the most advanced carrier aircraft till date.

Creating this aircraft was a very costly proposition as it took over 11 billion Euros in production and more than 700 models have been ordered by over 40 airline companies. Out of all order, Qatar has placed an order of 80 planes that is the maximum number of planes ordered any company for this huge aircraft carrier. The Doha based company is already running the Airbus on few important routes in Europe, Asia and North America regions and it is expected to replace most of its big route flights by the Airbus 350-900 after getting the delivery of 80 aircraft ordered by it.

Doha – The Best Airport Base

Hamad International Airport which is apparently the base airport of Qatar Airways has been named as the best Airport in the Gulf and the Middle East Asia region leaving the two most prominent competitors lagging behind in the race, i.e. Abu Dhabi and Dubai Airports respectively. The Airport got a major update in the year 2014 and thereafter became the most highly rated Airport by the visitors, especially those from international visitors. The new base developed by Qatar is merely 10 km away from the centre of Doha City and can be easily reached within a few minutes thanks to the incredible transportation facility provided by Metro and Roadways.

This new base along with the previous half join together to form the largest runways that are well over the standard length of runways which most international airports have. Although it is one of the necessities considering the fact that Doha is one of the hottest places on the earth and it would usually take the engines more time to pull up the throttle for taking off. The Airport has also become popular due to the fact that it endorses one of the most popular football clubs of Europe, Bayern Munich of the German football league.

Longest Flight Distances

Qatar Airways is currently running the longest flight which is from Doha to Auckland in New Zealand. This flight covers a distance of 14,536 kilometres and it takes more than 18 and a half hours for completing the journey. But it is not the only long flight that Qatar Airways is operating as it has got the longest average distances of flight amongst all the Airline companies operating in the world.

The basic reason behind this is the fact that Qatar is one of the rare companies that has covered all the inhabited continents and all the major metropolitan cities of the world. Qatar Airport Base is one of the five Airports in the world that has been connected with flights to every continent of the world. The other four are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Johannesburg and George Bush Airport in Houston.

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