3 Incredible Aspects That Captivate the Visitors in Singapore

There are not many places in the world which became an epitome of development in the modern world in spite of having a very small territorial area and a high population density. Interestingly, Singapore with its limited area which is a combined total of more than hundred archipelagoes of a number of Islands rather than a single mass of land, and many different hurdles and restrictions still went ahead to become a developed nation with a very prosperous and successful economy. In fact, Singapore is the only country in the world which has eradicated poverty out of its society. That is a big, very big accomplishment…

Apart from all sorts of developments and economic heavy lifting, the most commendable part of it is the fact that it is a completely self-sufficient country that could successfully survive without interference or assistance of any other country. The only shortcoming that you may find is its lack of military prowess which can be given a miss owing to its superior financial capability. There are a number of great tourist destinations in Singapore but if you ask me, I would tell you to visit Singapore, even if not to visit those destinations because there is a lot to explore in the ultimate urban balance that a nation has developed within its confined limits. Do visit Singapore for that particular reason alone. Use these Ctrip Promo Code to make your travel bookings and avail exclusive offers and discount on your booking amount.

Here, I would list three major reasons why you would be captivated by Singapore’s edition of urban life.

A Lush Green Concrete Jungle

This is an astonishing fact that in spite of its urban expansions and all those gigantic sky high infrastructures, Singapore has still managed to keep one of the highest greenery ratios in the world. It is the rare place which is completely developed and still has more than 50% of its land dedicated to plants and vegetation. This becomes even greater when you put its limited land area in this perspective because there was a notion popular amongst the urbanized communities that cities can only develop by removing the Vegetation. Singapore has successfully demonstrated that there are no such barriers in reality and a city can be easily turned into developed one without compromising on its greenery. This is a model of sustainable development that the whole world should follow and adapt rather than just wildly running the trees and building concrete jungles devoid of fresh air.

Amazing and Innovative Construction Engineering

If you take into account the restricted scope of utilizing the land that Singapore had targeted, you will realize how tricky but creative the city has been in shaping its infrastructure to a maximum level within the asserted boundaries. The population of Singapore is usually adapted to living in the multi-storey tall towers with a number of apartments. Owing to the lack of land mass, the government of Singapore has ensured that no piece of land should be wasted and every inch of it was properly and effectively used in construction to give the required solution. The government of Singapore has created a number of such apartments for the lower middle class and the poverty-ridden people who once lived in adjoining ghettos. These ghettos have vanished and people live in their own apartments now with all basic amenities in place. There are many fun parks built on some of these places which are known due for their artistic creativity. You can book a trip to all the amazing parks in Singapore using this Ctrip Voucher to get exciting discounts on your trip.

Uncompromised Cleanliness

The rules and regulations in Singapore are very strict for those who are found littering around on the streets or any other public place. The city has kept everything under supervision that includes waste management as a key part of it. Any city which has a high population density finds it really hard to manage the tidiness all across the region due to the inevitable habit of human beings that results into wastes and other kinds of unhygienic conditions. Therefore, the government made several laws and made it mandatory for every civilian to follow those laws and even kept penalties and punishment that are implemented without any partiality. Some of these rules are bizarre too. One of them is a ban on chewing gums. But at the end of the day, the results do matter and on this front, it has worked big time.

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